Loss of megafauna in the tropics

Megafauna (large animals), are rapidly going exctint in tropical regions. Animals such as elephants, primates, ungulates are being hunted for meat, ivory, etc. These animals provide several ecosystem services to tropical forests, what are the consequences of their disappearance ?

Seed Masting Modeling

Seed masting is the syncronous and periodic production of a large amount of seeds in plant species. The EU COST Task Group-20 part of the PROFOUND COST Action is studying the importance of including masting in vegetation models.

Amazon vs African forests

In collaboration with Chris Doughty , and other colleagues from Brazil and the USA, I am investigating if the presence of large animals in African tropical forests contributes to the differences between South American and African rainforests.

Implement fauna in vegetation models

Many of the research questions I am trying to answer rely on vegetation models that have primarily been developed to study forest dynamics and for forest ecology studies. As the role that animals play within a forest has not be explicitly implemented in these models, I am interested in combining knowledge from zoology studies and plant-animal interactions to simulate the role of animals in influencing vegetation dynamics.

Short Bio

In April 2018 I completed a PhD in Ecology focused on the role of megafauna in tropical forests. Before becoming interested in Ecology I spent some years in Computer Science where, among others things, I worked on educational and commercial videogames. My technical skills have allowed me to work across ecosystems and taxa, from African birds at the Field Museum of Naturaly History, to Greenland fishes at Aarhus University. I also enjoy teaching and have been a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Biology at the University of Washington and an Adjunct Faculty at the City Colleges of Chicago where I taught Computer Science classes.

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